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Request an Interpreter, call (716) 535-1603

Deaf Access Services is the leading not for profit agency in Western New York that provides Qualified Sign Language Interpreters, CART and VRI Services, in a variety of settings throughout the eight counties of Western New York. Interpreters are evaluated by highly qualified staff and are expected to adhere to the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) Code of Professional Conduct. 


To Request an Interpreter

We have upgraded to a new scheduling platform. Our partners are able to log in directly and request interpreting services. If you do not yet have access to this new system, please contact our Interpreting Department today. You will need to be set up in order schedule and receive your confirmations/notifications via email.

If you prefer to call your requests in, you can still contact our Interpreting Department directly at (716) 535-1603.

We do provide services after hours, weekends, and major holidays. All emergency and urgent requests must be made via phone.

There is a fee for interpreting services. For our current rates, please contact us at


To Request an Interpreter via the Special Interpreter Fund program

In special circumstances where an interpreter cannot be provided and is not considered an accommodation required by the ADA, Deaf community members are able to request an interpreter through our special interpreter fund at no cost. Please click here to download the form. Return the completed form to DAS via fax or scan and email to


To Confirm An Interpreter Request

If you email a request to our office, you should receive acknowledgement from staff within 24 hours of your request.  IF THIS DOES NOT OCCUR, please contact the Interpreting Department at (716) 535-1603.

All confirmations and notifications are now sent via email through our new scheduling platform. If you are not yet set up, please contact us today! This new system is easy to use and will replace the previous requirements for signatures and faxes.

As always, we are here to assist you and to make the process of coordinating interpreting services easy. 


Why Hire A Sign Language Interpreter?

American Sign Language is a rich, complex language with its own grammar structure and cultural context. It is not equivalent to spoken English, therefore requires translation. By providing interpreters in accordance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), you can ensure that Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Late-Deafened people will benefit from all of the services that your organization or business offers. Equal Access is critical for Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Late-Deafened individuals to be productive members of their community and fully participate in society.


Why Hire A CART Provider?

CART is an acronym for Communication Access Realtime Translation.  It is the instant translation of the spoken word into English text using a stenotype machine, notebook computer and real-time software.  The text appears on a computer monitor or other display.  By providing CART services, the ADA specifically recognized CART as Assistive Technology which affords "effective communication access." This technology is primarily used by people who are Hard of Hearing or Late-Deafened. 


Why Use Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)?

VRI uses videoconferencing technology to allow an off-site Interpreter to interpret conversations, from English to American Sign Language (ASL) or vice versa, as if they were on-site.  VRI is utilized by hospitals, corporations, federal agencies, law enforcement and more, to provide On-Demand Interpreting Services when no on-site Interpreter is available.


ADA Resource Links

Revised Regulations Fact Sheet
Effective Communication Fact Sheet


















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