Is there someone in your life who could benefit from the services offered by Deaf Access Services?

Not only do we provide services for people in the Deaf Community who were born Deaf or became Deaf as children, we also assist Hard of Hearing individuals or those who have become deaf over time.

Interpreting and CART Services - Request an Interpreter

DAS provides Qualified Sign Language Interpreters, CART Services and Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) in a variety of settings throughout the eight Western New York Counties. Learn More »

Employment/Career Pathways

In conjunction with NYS ACCESVR, DAS Employment Services assists qualified Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals obtain stable, long-term employment. Learn More »

Community Support Services

DAS has staff members who are trained to help Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals experiencing various difficulties in life by navigating (guiding) them through various social service programs, such as, ACCES-VR Employment or Training programs, DSS, and Social Security. We are also knowledgeable about many types of assistive and adaptive equipment that could provide beneficial for your needs. Learn More »

ASL Classes & Outreach

DAS offers Community Sign Language classes, Hard of Hearing Support Group, and Basic Sign Language classes for Deaf Refugees and their families. Learn More »

Deaf Refugee Services

DAS provides education and case management services for Deaf refugees and immigrants from around the world to assist them in their acculturation process in Western New York.

For more information please contact Conchetta LoPresti at Learn More »

Health Care Coordination

Do you have Medicaid and have health concerns? Look no further...Beginning September 2017. Learn More »