Community Education

DAS provides education about Deaf and Hard of Hearing to the Western New York community through:

  • Sign Language classes
  • Outreach presentations
  • Deaf Community workshops

to enhance Self-Awareness in the Deaf Community and to increase knowledge of the Deaf Culture.  

DAS offers ongoing day and evening classes to teach American Sign Language to the community as well as to Deaf Refugees and their families.  In the summer, DAS even offers Baby Sign Language classes at various locations within the Greater Buffalo area. 

Our continuous effort to create Community Awareness about Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities is accomplished through presentations to:

  • Civic clubs
  • Neighborhood and Professional Associations
  • Businesses
  • Churches and Schools
  • Health Fairs

 Interested in learning more? Check out our Event page or contact us at or (716) 335-9170.

Refund Policy

Refunds will only be given due to medical issues/emergencies or class cancellation with documentations as proof.

We do recognize other obligations can get in the way of attending classes but adherence to this policy allows us to continue to offer our classes at a reasonable cost.  If you realize that you cannot attend the class as scheduled, you must request the credit within 10 business days before the class begins.  This credit is valid up to a year.

If you paid via check, credit card, money order, or PayPal, refunds will be issues upon proof the payment was properly credited to Deaf Access Services (DAS).  Your refund in the form of a DAS business check will be made within 30 days of the approved request. If you paid by cash, payment must be confirmed by the recipient and you will receive your refund in form of a DAS business check within 30 days.




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