Deaf Access Services 40th Anniversary Gala

Date: April 20th, 2023
Time: April 20th, 2023
Location: Shea's Buffalo Theatre


****Event Features: Hors d'oeuvres, Dinner, OPEN BAR (5pm to 6pm), Cash Bar (after 6pm), Desserts, Entertainment- Angela Maria Nardolillo- OFF THE GRID MISSIONS, basket raffle, award recognition ceremony and a fun photo booth! ****


We are thrilled to announce our MASTER OF CEREMONY for the 2023 GALA!

Hassan Ahmed Ali!


A sign language interpreter for over 18 years. Hassan have been working with the Deaf communities in Sudan, Oman,
United Arab Emirates, Malaysia and recently with the Deaf refugees in Western New York- (Buffalo & Rochester).
He has been supporting and advocating for the Deaf individuals who moved to Western New York recently using different sign languages.


We're Thrilled to Announce our Keynote Speaker:
Name: Angela Maria Nardolillo
Organization: Off-The-Grid Missions (OTG)
Title: Founder & Executive Director
IG/FB: @angelamariaotg & @offthegridmissions
LinkedIn: my name, or @offthegridmissions
Twitter: @angelamariaotg & @otgmissions 
Angela Maria Nardolillo is the Founder of Off-The-Grid Missions, a Disaster-Response, Non-Governmental (NGO) for Deaf & Hard-of-hearing people. Angela Maria is hard-of-hearing, multilingual, and biethnic; her mother is Puerto Rican, and her father is Italian. She is trained in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu (combative and women's self-defense); a graduate of Sine Pari's elite leadership program (led by Military Special Ops/Forces/Intelligence); and has executed and led over 35 Emergency & Disaster-Response missions around the world.

Founded in 2009, OTG's mission is dedicated to providing Deaf and Hard-of-hearing families with life-saving resources in disaster-stricken regions around the world. From warzones to regions hit by natural disasters, Angela Maria and her team navigate through high-risk and remote regions around the world to fill the “gap” in disaster-response, by implementing high-grade clean water systems, providing food, shelter, hygiene, and solar technologies. Over the years, with the increasing devastation and humanitarian crises caused by human and natural disasters around the world, OTG's mission has evolved into a global movement where civilian-turned-humanitarians from the Deaf Community are joining the cause to bring light to the source of the problem, in order to disarm it with tangible and sustainable solutions.

This 40th Year Anniversary event will be an unique opportunity to have Angela Maria "on" the grid with us as she takes us through an unimaginable journey that led to the creation of what we now know as Off-The-Grid Missions. 

Learn a little bit about our Keynote Speaker! Angela Maria Nardolillo! Founder of Off-The-Grid Missions (OTGM)!
Off-The-Grid Missions has been featured on NBC, USA Today, Red Bull TV, United, Forbes and The Weather Channel! 

This is your chance to be able to hear the journey and experience from Angela directly and how we can all Be The Light for the community as a whole!

 Click Here

 St. Mary's School for the Deaf Drama Club students will be performing a medley performance of Moana! 

Attire Suggestions: (No Jeans)



To purchase parking tickets at a discounted price, you can purchase tickets before April 9th!

Discounted tickets will be $6.00 per car. If you decide not to purchase tickets, you can pay for parking at the parking lot. **Price will cost more at the parking lot*








If you want to sponsor in other ways, you can see below:


Contact DAS and call us if you are interested-

Sponsor a table for the Deaf Refugees: Full Table $750.00 (SPONSORED!!!)

Anonymous Donor!


Sponsor a table for the Community Awardees: Full Table $750.00 (SPONSORED!!!)




Dessert Sponsored by:

Dessert by Dez

Table Wines Sponsored by:

Pam Kefi



Sponsor the Decorations/Lights at the Gala: $2,500 (Available)

We accept multiple sponsors to add up to $3,000 if needed.

Hanging Lantern Sponsored by Deaf Family (Anonymous): $500.00


Sponsor our Keynote Speaker- Angela Maria Nardolillo, from Off The Grid Missions: $5,000 (Available)-

**We accept multiple sponsors to add up to $5,000 if needed**


We have selected our award winners for our community supporters! We will be announcing them at the gala! Join us and support the winners who have made a difference in Western New York!

Ally Award 2023

Language Access Award 2023 (Two Winners)

Nancy Seigel Award 2023

Community Partner Award 2023

Leadership Award 2023 

Staff Award 2023




All Sponsors will be recognized. 


We’re pleased to share that Deaf Access Services, an affi liate of People Inc., will celebrate our 40th Anniversary in April 2023! Our team has been working hard planning the big milestone that will capture the essence of celebrating not only our agencies, but also Deaf and hard of hearing communities!

The event will be held on Thursday, April 20, 2023, at Shea’s Performing Arts Center in Buffalo, NY. More information will be announced soon, including a time, presenters and entertainment planned. Updates will be shared on our website and the Deaf Access Services Facebook page: and facebook. com/WNYDAS

Another teaser we have to share about our big celebration is the anniversary graphic. As a celebration of all that Deaf Access Services represents, it was important that the anniversary symbol concept be designed by a Deaf person. This concept was designed by Ben Wenzel and incorporates visual representations of American Sign Language (ASL) and our community.

American Sign Language is one of the most important aspects of Deaf culture – our language. The hands are ASL signs for the number forty. Ben incorporated the number 40 behind the hands to remain inclusive to those who do not use American Sign Language. The semi-circle represents a sunrise – a new beginning. The skyline is of our beloved Buffalo, which is one of the many communities where Deaf Access Services and People Inc. provides supports. Buffalo is also home to one of the biggest Deaf communities.

As we celebrate 40 years of serving Deaf and hard of hearing communities, we look forward to even more decades of supporting and continuing to expand our services.

Various anniversary event sponsorship opportunities will be available. For more information, contact David Wantuck at or Jodie Chibi at


Websites to purchase tickets, give donations, and have a chance to sponsor our event will be up soon. Stay tuned! 







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John Loss, Esq.

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H&H Event Entertainment

Mark Poloncarz for Erie County

Equitable - Gregory Smith | Financial Consultant, Empire Branch

NY Relay


Gene Fahey


Anonymous Donor

St. Mary's School for the Deaf

Vu Speech


Shimmering Sponsor


 Buffalo Club of the Deaf

Rocky Point Properties


Buffalo Common Council- Joseph Golombek - North District Councilmember

Buffalo Civic Association of the Deaf

Tracy Sawicki

Rich Catering & Special Events



Individual Donors

Julie Kolmetz

Doug Zschiegner

Barbara Seiferth

Catherine & Mark Kibler

Table of 8 Attendees!

Buffalo Hearing and Speech Center

People Inc (Four Tables)

NY Relay- Sponsor Table for Awardees

 Refugee Table (Two Tables) - Anonymous Donor

Buffalo Implant Group- B.I.G

EEOC- Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

St. Mary's School for the Deaf

Buffalo Club of the Deaf/Buffalo Deaf Senior Citizen

DAS Interpreter Department 

Buffalo Sabres Foundation

Buffalo Civic Association of the Deaf

Journey's End

Harmonic Resolution Systems



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Chef's - Salvatores - The Melting Pot - Niagara Falls State Park (Cave of the Winds and Trolley) - Buffalo Arts Studios - Albright Knox Art Museum - 

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Buffalo Sabres Team Hockey Stick - Adirondack Vacation Rentals - Canon Laser Jet Printer - Buffalo Bandits Team Jersey - Buffalo Bills NFL Official Autograph Football - Neighbors Automotive Detailing - 2 Niagara University 2023-2024 season Tickets (basketball or hockey) - Lancaster Country Club: Golf Bag/golf balls - Micah Hyde Autograph Mini-Helmet 



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