Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority and Erie County Airport Training

Posted: September 19th, 2022

Four AmeriCorps members from Deaf Access Services have volunteered to be part of Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority Training on August 27th, 2022. The training is for the new members of Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) to learn how to deal with one big scenario with many victims(volunteers/actors) that in dire need of help simultaneously. The AmeriCorps members volunteered to be victims with fake injuries so that way, EMTs will know how to get the accommodations they needed since they are Deaf and DeafBlind. They have different scenarios from each other with fake injuries. It was a great learning experience for the new EMTs, and we wish the best of luck to the new EMTs in their future endeavors!


Here are some pictures-those are FAKE INJURIES.


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