Current News: Community News 2022

Niagara University Professor Recognizing the Community!

Posted: March 18th, 2022

Doug Zschiegner worked with several Deaf people over the course of the 2.5 years during COVID-19 to prepare for TRIBES. Thanks to our former Deaf Advisory Council/Board Member of DAS, Nanette Harmon, she helped make this happen!! Zschiegner Overcomes Unique Obstacles to Bring “Tribes” to Stage MAR 17, 2022 by  LISA MCMAHON... READ MORE

TRIBES! - 716 Welcome Article!

Posted: March 7th, 2022

THEATER REVIEW: TRIBES @ ROAD LESS TRAVELED THEATER MAR 4, 2022   Tribes is a powerful drama by Nina Raine that explores how different types of communication affect how people perceive each other and the world at large. by Ann Marie Cusella Tribes is at Road Less Traveled Theater this March! Find... READ MORE

Silence Speaks Volume- working with RLTP!

Posted: March 7th, 2022

Tribes is the story of Billy, the only deaf member of a loving yet comically dysfunctional British-Jewish family living in London. Along with Daniel, his depressive older brother and Ruth, his cosmically adrift older sister, Billy lives with his parents, Christopher and Beth, in their cluttered and yet comfortingly worn-in home. None of the f... READ MORE

Buffalo Business First IDEA Awards

Posted: February 22nd, 2022

Celebrating the organizations and individual in Western New York who prioritize the importance of diversity and inclusion, champion equitable HR practices and develop inclusive cultures. On February 17, People Inc. was recognized at the Buffalo Business First IDEA Awards event. People Inc. strives to promote a culturally inclusive and equitable ... READ MORE

Top 12 News in 2021 from People Inc!

Posted: January 14th, 2022

AGENCY NEWS     2021 Year in Review Last year was a time of incredible perseverance and growth. The People Inc. 50th Anniversary celebration, which extended throughout 2021, was an opportunity to reflect on the triumphs we’ve experienced. During this time, we’ve told the “Pe... READ MORE