Giving Tuesday

Date: December 7th, 2020

Please join us for #GivingTuesday and support the Deaf and hard of hearing community!

For many years, DAS has had 2 separate funds set up – the Special Interpreter Fund (SIF) and the Compassion Fund. These funds are established through donations from the community and provided to eligible, qualified individuals who apply.


The purpose of the SIF was to help cover interpreting costs for occasions where an interpreter is not covered under the ADA; for example, weddings & some funerals.


The purpose of the Compassion Fund is to financially help community members who may be in need. For example, if someone had started a new job but couldn’t afford bus fare until they were paid, the Compassion Fund would be able to help with the cost of a bus pass to enable that person to work and get ahead.


As of August of 2020, the SIF has helped countless individuals and their families cover interpreting costs for a variety of special occasions, and the fund is now exhausted. Starting in September, we revised the compassion fund to also include covering the special interpreting circumstances.


The Compassion Fund is restricted. You must be Deaf or Hard of Hearing to qualify, ONLY those who are approved to receive funding are eligible. Your request must meet the requirements for reasoning and financial need, and there is not unlimited access. Unless special circumstances arise, you are able to use this fund once per calendar year.


DAS needs your help to keep this fund alive through donations. Please consider making a special contribution to the Compassion Fund to support fellow community members.



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